Adventures in Urban HF Portable – Part 0.75 (The Delay, Part Two)

Silencing the crickets, sort of…

My goodness, after promising a soon to follow update all of four months ago, it’s been all quiet on the blog since then. What has happened?

Well, the biggest was some departures at work that caused everything to get busy in the final months of last year. This more or less resulted in very little amount of time to play radio.

At this stage, however, it’s still something that I’m very much interested in continuing to pursue. With some consideration, the fan dipole is going to largely be impractical for this use, so I’ll focus my effort into the magnetic loop, as this will be convenient to setup on our office balcony. Build log to come on that once I’ve built it, but perhaps don’t hold your breath – I’m still yet to document the build of the lightweight Yagi that I used for the VHF Sprint back in October.

Apart from this, 2023 seems to be shaping up for some additional radio related fun. I’ve recently purchased a new car, a VF Commodore wagon, and as with all new vehicle purchases the first natural step is to jam a bunch of radio gear into them. Updates to follow with this as I build it out for general comms, some digital fun, as well as some high altitude balloon specific equipment which should be a bunch of fun.

Additionally, I’m hoping to get out portable in general a little bit more this year, so stay tuned for that.

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